Questions I hate being asked

One of the Twitter hashtags currently trending today, #questionsIhatebeingasked reminded me of a “conversation” I had with a random guy last summer. It was irritating at the time, and when I remember it, it’s still irritating. It went like this:


*Annie hobbles up some stairs with her stick*

Random: Hello.

*Annie doesn’t realise he’s talking to her because she can’t see out of her right eye.

Random: HELLO?

*Annie still doesn’t realise.

Random: Errrr…can you understand what I am saying to you?

*Annie realises. Turns.

Annie: Oh, hello.

Random: You seem to be struggling up those steps.

Annie: So it seems.

Random: You poor thing.

Annie: Not really.

Random: It must be really hard for you.

Annie: It’s nothing new. I’m used to it.

*We get to the top of the stairs.

Random: So… (gestures to my hand and my walking stick) what happened to you, then?

Annie: I think that’s a bit of a personal question.

Random: Oh. Won’t you tell me?

Annie: I don’t think it’s really any of your business.

*Annie turns to go.

Random: But I’m sorry for you.

Annie: (bristles) OK. Bye.

Random: Sorry, anyway. (Gestures again to my hand).


…. What a ?!*%$!?&!


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  • Diarmuid


    hey Annie, can you send me an email I can contact you at really want to speak to you about my project!!

  • Hedgie


    Incredible that some people feel they have the right to ask about personal details if you are disabled – as if they ‘own’ you! And as if you owed them something because they feel sorry for you….! *splutter*. Well, what they feel is their own business and not yours; they had no right to try and make it yours. It takes all sorts, though – and they probably thought they were being nice and empathetic!