A Welsh Labour MPs office: “rude, sarcastic and impatient”

A disabled woman who suffers with several complex health conditions has spoken of the “unsympathetic, patronising attitude” she experienced from her local Labour MPs office in Wales when she telephoned to ask for advice and help in getting back to work.

The 25-year-old, who doesn’t want to be named said:

“From the beginning, the woman from the MPs office was rude, impatient and sarcastic. I’ve been ill for years, but I have several qualifications and I really want to work, despite my condition. I’ve been looking into setting up my own business, and I’ve tried to seek support from JobCentrePlus who have just told me that they will cut off my benefits if I earn so much as £20 a week from my business.”

“I telephoned my local MPs office because I thought they could help me. Instead, it’s left me feeling angry and shaken.”

At a time when disabled people up and down the country are fighting against the government’s campaign that labels them as ‘scroungers’, learning that the opposition’s attitude appears to be no different, will come as quite a shock to many.

“She referred to my benefits as invalidity benefits, which really upset me,” the 25-year old continued. “When I queried it, she said I was “touchy” and then became really sarcastic, pronouncing words really slowly as if I was stupid. She even queried my qualifications, and asked if they were genuine.”

“Her whole attitude was that I was a waste of space and I was wasting her time. I’m a disabled woman wanting to set up my own company. I want to pay taxes and earn a living. So why treat me like a job’s worth?


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